Ayurvedic safe herbal remedy for whooping cough & all allergic cough (In the form of fermented liquid of asavarishta type)


Ingredients: Ringani, Pimpali, Adulasa, Talispatra, Jeshtamadha, Sunthi etc.


It is sure remedy on whooping cough. Now a days whooping cough is found rarely. But the medicine shows its good results in symptoms like cough due to viral infections.

It is particularly indicated in whooping cough. But also useful in cough due to viral infection, cough in evening & night.


Dosage & Administration:
2 to 4 tablespoonful (10 to 20 ml.) four times in a day for 2-3 days.
After the attack subsides 2 to 4 tablespoonful- 2 times in day. OR
As directed by the physician.


Presentation: Bottle of 200 ml, 450 ml, Plastic can of 1 lit., 5 lit.