A safe non hormonal Uterine sedative and tonic.(In the form of fermented liquid of Asavarista type)


Ingredients:  Umbarphal (ficus glomerata), Ashoka, Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Indrajava, Katemath etc.


‘Utone’ is nonhormonal safe herbal remedy in above conditions. ’Utone’ contains umberphal, Ashokabark, Shatawari, Ashwagandha which are well known drugs acting on female reproductive organs. Utone is very useful in treating threatened and habitual abortion due to relaxation of uterine muscles. If taken regularly from early pregnancy, it nourishes and improves tone of uterine muscles and ensures proper development of foetus. It also removes symptoms like nausea, vomiting, headache and indigestion in pregnancy. Shatawari and Ashwagandha act as nourishing tonic.

Menstrual irregularities, Dysmenorrhoea, unvolation, painful white discharge, habitual & threatened abortion, pelvic inflammatory disorders, morning sickness.


Dosage & Administration:
2-4 tablespoonfuls (10 to 20 ml.) twice a day after males with equal quantity of water


Presentation: Bottle of 200 ml, 450 ml, Plastic can of 1 lit., 5 lit.