Useful in respiratory diseases, Bronchitis and Asthama
(It is in the form of Asavarishta type fermented liquid)


Ingredients: Juice of fresh cashew apple, decoction of Vasa, Dhatura, Ringani, Sunthi etc.


‘Shwasonil’ is one of the prestigious Arkshala's product, specially formulated to treat respiratory diseases. Shwasonil causes relaxation and dilatation of bronchial muscles. It removes congestion of submucous tissues inflammation and swelling. It is a combination of spasmolytic, bronchodilator, cheap oakley expectorant and mucolytic drugs. A regular dose of 'Shwasonil' lessens the cheap oakley sunglasses frequency and severity of asthmatic attacks and strengthens the entire respiratory system. 'Shwasonil' promotes easy and painless expectoration, restores respiration and acts as sedative and brings quiet sleep.


Bronchial asthma, Acute asthmatic attack, Bronchitis, ray ban sunglasses whooping cough. As an adjunct therapy of tuberculosis.


Dosage & Administration:
Severe attack -One tablespoonful(10 ml.)every half hour with equal quantity of water till attack subsides. Dose may be repeated every 1-2 hours according to the condition.

After the attack- 2 tablespoonfuls(20 ml.) with equal quantity of water twice or thrice in a day.

Children- Proportionately smaller dose are recommended.


Bottles of 200 ml., 450 ml., Plastic can of 1 lit., 5 lit.