Ayurvedic paediatric tonic (Asavarishta type liquid)


Ingredients:  Cashew apple juice, Cardamom, Lavang etc.

‘Shishujeevan’ is a formulation specially prepared to treat common health problems in children. It is prepared by following Asavarishta’s procedure. It contains juice of fresh ripe cashew fruits which is useful for cough, dyspnoea, flatulence in children. It can be used as a tonic in paediatric patients.


Common cold, cough, unhealthy condition due to indigestion in children.


 Dosage & Administration:
1-2 teaspoonfuls to be taken twice or thrice a day diluted with equal quantity of water.


Bottles of 100 ml.,200 ml, 450 ml, plastic can of 1 lit., 5 lit.