Ayurvedic Antidibetic Powder


Asansal, Amalaki, Kade Chirayat, Karali, Khair Sal, Gulwel, Jambhul Beej, Daru Haladi Manjishta, Halad, Methi, Haritaki.

Mehari Choorna has been introduced by Arkashala in 1995 after conducting extensive research on Ayurvedic drugs described as antidiabetic.


When blood glucose level increases patient suffers from thirst, burning sensation, frequent urination, vertigo, constipation etc. When such symptoms appear & diabetes is diagnosed ‘Mehari Choorna’ can be advised.


Diabetes mellitus, Prameha
Mehari Choorna can be used alone or as an adjunct to allopathic therapy. Regular use of ‘Mehari Choorna’helps to reduce the dose of hypoglycemic drugs.


Dosage & Administration:
1 to 2 tsf. twice a day with warm water.

Presentation: Packs of 100 g, 500 g.