Ingredients- Loha bhasma, roupya bhasma, makshik bhasma, amla pulp, ghee, sugar, dashmool etc.


Amala pulp processed with many herbal Ingredients is the base of lohin. Loha bhasma, roupya bhasma, suvarna makshik bhasma are added in processed amala pulp along with choornas of vavding, jeshthmadh, triphala, vanshalochan etc. Therefore Lohin is very effective in treating anaemia caused by malnutrition and insufficient iron intake. Lohin is easily absorbed and assimilated,
Amala is rasayan, hematinic and nourishing. Roupya bhasma acts as nervine tonic and sedative. Suvarnmakshik bhasma is used as an adjunct to loha bhasma to ensure accelerated response. Triphala is mild laxative and hence avoids side effects of iron like constipation. Pipali and vavding improve appetite and assimilation. Lohin is thus effective as haematinic, nourishing, invigorating tonic and removes undue mental fatigue associated with anaemia.


Dosage and Administration: 1-2 tablespoonfuls followed by a cup of milk early in the morning and before retiring to sleep.


Indications: Anemia, Iron deficiency, malnutrition, increased iron requirement in pregnancy and lactation period.


Presentation: Bottles of  250 g, 500 g.