A sure remedy for the restoration of normal function of Liver.
(In the form of Asavarishta – fermented liquid.)


Ingredients – Juice of kumari (aloe vera), draksha (grapes), haritaki, chavak, chitrak, dalchin etc.


Properties: Drakshakumari contains


Properties of both draksh and kumari. It is stomachic, hematinic, appetizer, mild laxative, improves digestion and suppresses cough. It improves liver and spleen functioning and overall digestion especially in children. It is successfully utilized in chronic constipation, indigestion and cough.


Indications: Liver disorders, infective liver, digestive disorders, allergic cough especially in children.


Dosage & Administration:Adults: 2-4 tablespoonful (10 ml to 20 ml) twice in a day after meals.
Children - -1-2  tablespoonful (5 ml to 10 ml) twice in a day after meals.

Anupan: With equal quantity of water.


Presentation: Bottle of 200 ml, 450 ml.