Blood Purifier asavarishta.


Manjishta, Gulwel, Neem, Sariva, Kutaki, Morwel, Khairsal etc.


In the modern age of physical as well as mental stress and strain peptic disorders arises. These disorders are boosted because of extensive traveling, late night awakening and also spicy, oily food. Due to this, unwanted toxic substances cause various skin diseases after some time.

'Raktashodhan' is especially useful in above mentioned conditions. it removes toxins from blood and improves blood supply to the skin. This helps to cure skin diseases.


Allergic and inflammatory skin diseases skin rashes, scabies, eczema, pruritis, pimples acne etc. It is also indicated in inflammed and unhealing wounds.


Dosage & Administration:
2 to 4 tablespoonful (10 to 20 ml.) with equal quantity of water twice in a day


Presentation: Bottle of 200ml, 450ml, Plastic can of 1 lit., 5 lit.