Mild Laxative Tablets.


Nishottar, surwari Hirada, Amlavetas, Amalaki, Kutaki, Choorna etc. processed with kumari swaras, aqueous extracts of bahava, dry grapes, hirada and amalaki.


Nishottar, surwari hirada and other


Ingredients are mild to moderate laxatives. Arkalax is mild laxative which does not cause vigorous bowel movements & does not cause abdominal pain or griping pain. Kumari Swaras acts on liver and helps to normal bile formation which helps to digest the food. Arkalax helps for proper digestion and stool formation which is passed normally.


Constipation, flatulance, gases, loss of appetite.


Dosage & Administration:
1 tablets twice in day or as directed by the physician

Presentation : Bottle of 25, 50 and 500 tablets